Vera Sidika Takes A Break From Social Media

Vera Sidika Takes A Break From Social Media To Focus On Her Projects 

Vera Sidika has bid goodbye to her fans on social media as she announced her next move.

The mother of one has been quite busy with her businesses that she ultimately decided to take a break from social media.

Vera announced that she would be off social media until December when she will unveil her house or January 2023.

“House reveal moved to December. I’m too busy working on some many other projects. Guess I’ll be active on social media then (December) or in January 2023. See you guys next year,” Vera wrote.

Vera Sidika is a jack of all trades. She operates several businesses including a spa, Airbnb apartments among others.

The socialite also launched babycare shop for her daughter Asia Brown to sell organic haircare and skincare products for babies.

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