Vera Sidika Offers Relationship Advice, Reflects On Her Failed Marriage

Vera Sidika addressed her failed marriage to singer Brow Mauzo and shared relationship advice with her audience.

Sidika, who is now reportedly dating a Nigerian man, was hesitant to offer advice at first, citing her own experience of a failed marriage.

However, she eventually opened up about what she believes couples should focus on to maintain a healthy relationship.

“My advice is to be happy and not overthink it or stress,” she said during an interview with a local news outlet.

“Don’t go through your partner’s phone. Let it ring a million times, but don’t touch it,” she added.

Sidika’s comments on the importance of trust and communication in relationships are a departure from her own experiences, which were marked by controversy and public feuds.

Her marriage to Mauzo, which ended in 2020, was highly publicized and often tumultuous.

Despite her past struggles, Sidika remains optimistic about love and relationships.

When asked what scares her most, she replied, “Poverty… I don’t want to be poor at all.”

The interview marks a rare moment of vulnerability for Sidika, who has long been known for her glamorous lifestyle and high-profile relationships.

Her willingness to share her experiences and advice with her audience may signal a new chapter in her personal life.

As Sidika navigates her new relationship with a Nigerian man, she may be drawing on her own hard-won lessons about the importance of trust, communication, and happiness in a relationship.

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