Van Hunt Explains “Teasing” Fake Halle Berry Wedding, Says They’ll Marry Under These Conditions

Their recent wedding “prank” caused social media to implode as people believed that Van Hunt and Halle Berry secretly wed, but the pair later stepped forward to say they hadn’t jumped the broom. Still, Berry and Hunt may be eyeing typing the knot, at least Hunt is because he spoke about certain conditions that would solidify them walking down the aisle.

Berry eased her relationship with Hunt onto her fans through a set of subtle social media posts, and since that time, the happy couple has been displaying their love and affections for the world. Fans of both the actress and the musician have praised their adoration, and when wedding news was reported, the response was palpable.

In a recent interview with the Domenick Nati Show, Hunt refuted that he and Berry were trying to prank the world.

“It wasn’t that,” he explained. “We were just teasing, trying our very own January Fool’s Day.” Additionally, Hunt spoke about the Bruised soundtrack song “Automatic Woman,” a track he produced that was performed by H.E.R. for Berry’s recent Netflix film. If that song earns an Oscar nomination and wins, he and Halle will apparently consider tying the knot.

He was also reserved about sharing how he and Berry met. “I’m just glad that we met… The opportunity to me is something that I never even dreamed was possible, to begin a relationship at 50, but it’s going really, really well. That’s all I can say.” Watch the interview below.

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