“Valid reason to break up with her”

A Nigerian lady is trending on TikTok after she posted a video demonstrating how she raises a generator set.

In the video, the lady was seen lifting the huge generator without the assistance of anyone.

She also put it on by herself, as if she wanted to demonstrate that she could complete her tasks without assistance.

The video was published on her TikTok handle, @verydarkgirl247, and has received numerous comments.

"Valid reason to break up with her" - Men share their two cents after lady effortlessly lifted a huge generator by herself
Nigerian girl lifting generator.

Some men who reacted to the video stated in the comment section that the action of the lady was a red flag and that if any of them were dating her, they would break up with her.

Others, however, applauded the lady for demonstrating that she could perform some chores on her own without relying heavily on a man.


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