“Use am cook beans” – Nigerian lady stirs reactions as she uses candles to warm Okro soup after her cooking gas finishes

When her cooking gas went out, a lovely woman had to heat her okra soup with candles, which stirred conversations on social media.

The industrious Nigerian woman demonstrated in a video circulating on the internet her will to save her prized regional treat even after her petrol ran out.

In the video, the woman was seen deftly adjusting the candles beneath the pot of okra soup while keeping the soup at the ideal temperature to guarantee that it is thoroughly warmed.

The video was captioned, “My friend’s gas has finished, and she saved herself from hunger with my construction.”

Check out the video below:

Huge emotions were sparked by the video, and viewers expressed their opinions in the comments area. Below are a few responses:


Pascal said, “Use am cook beans.”

Assad🇳🇬 ⭐ said, “lol 😂 talk true babe it’s you.”

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