US-based man offers mouthwatering N500k to any Nigerian who can disappear and reappear

Ifeanyi Eze, a US-based educational consultant, has proposed a N500,000 prize for a disappearing and reappearing challenge.

This was confirmed in a Facebook post by Ifeanyi on Wednesday, March 13.

Ifeanyi revealed that he completed the task in December 2023, but no one else had attempted it.

He stated that the N500k reward is still available, and that anyone interested should be able to disappear and reappear in front of five or more persons. Ifeanyi writes:

“Last December, I said if you know anyone that can disappear and reappear, I will give them N500k. Till now, we no see anyone. The prize is still valid. Go and get any spiritual person, let him or her disappear in the presence of 5 or more persons. We need verifiable evidence!”

Ifeanyi’s challenge comes just six months after an Abuja guy launched a manhood theft challenge with a first N10 million payout.

Netizens respond to Ifeanyi Eze’s post.

Isaac O Brown said: “I for do am, but the money too small… “I can’t be showing my super powers online for such a small amount, everyone will now know my secret identity… “

Charles John Chukwuma said: “I have my uncle kwechirichukwu, he will do it in seconds no doubt, but he said I should tell you that 500k is small for that make it 1m.”

Prince Getrich said: “My brother, I know about three people who can disappear and reappear, it can be tested with goat or cow in your presence, who can you send to represent you because I know your not in the country, you can inbox ,I will give you their number.”

Charity Ben Enukora said: “Someone disappeared here last month and reappeared some distance away in my presence. I will help you deliver the prize .”

Kingsley Uche said: “Only the money to buy kabus kabash, ganduse gandusa to prepare the concoctions I need to disappear is up to 1 million. Make the money 3million.”

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