UPDATE! Starved Baby Reportedly Seized By Mom’s Boss Over Unpaid Delivery Loan Dies

After being held captive by her mother’s boss due to her failure to pay back hospital bills during the baby’s delivery, a 5-month-old baby takes his final breath.
As a result of the mother’s debt incurred during the child’s delivery, one Mrs. Tina reportedly confiscated her worker’s baby.

The child was rescued by the Lagos State Social Welfare weeks after the baby had been starved, according to rights activist Harrison Gwamnishu.

“19 year old Gift is reporting her Madam for seizing her baby because she’s unable to pay back hospital bills she helped her cleared.

It’s been reported that it took the intervention of Lagos State Social Welfare and the police before they could retrieve the baby from Madam Tina and handed over to the mother.

The mother said they returned her child (half dea_d) and shared the before pictures and recent pictures of her 5-months old son to us.

PLEASE WHAT SHOULD WE DO? The baby’s name is Chidubem and admitted at Mother and Child

Abraham Adesanya, Ajah. Lagos State. #SaveChidubem,” He wrote on his Instagram page.

The baby died just hours after Harrison sought help for the baby, who had been rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

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