Twitter use recounts how friend got heartbroken by girlfriend studying abroad

A Twitter user has recounted the events that led to one of his friends getting heartbroken by his girlfriend.

As per the user, his friend’s girlfriend was studying abroad and he had been saving up for a plane- ticket to go and visit her. He rallied around for funds, and with the help of his friends and his savings, he was able to travel. Little did he know that things were not the same anymore.

On arrival, his girlfriend immediately told him that she was already seeing someone else.

Unfortunately, he had to spend 5 days utterly heartbroken, and in a city where he knew no one.

The tweet reads:

“My guys GF was studying abroad. Oga went to visit her after several months saving to be able to buy a plane-ticket & also help from we his guys as well. He arrived and she almost immediately told him that she has someone else.

Ticket of course was non-refundable (cheapest) so he had to spend 5 days completely heartbroken in a city he didn’t know filled with people whose language he didn’t speak and without the means to go home.

F***ing worst week of his entire life! He came back to 9ja last week & haven’t been same tbh. Stays indoors all the time.

We don console am tire but omoo things ain’t getting better & us en guys sef don tire sef. Y’all guys in a relationship, please be safe”

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