Trouble as the Edo triplets clash in Biggie’s house

For single-handedly getting a movie date that they paid for, Rachel has gotten into a heated argument with Chichi.

Chichi, Phyna and Rachel, who all share a cute bond as sisters in the house seems to be at loggerheads over Rachel’s latest claims of a sinister plot by Chichi and Hermes to deprive her of the week’s movie date.

Things degenerated to a heated argument between Chichi and Rachel on Friday evening after the latter recalled Wednesday night’s movie date situation that saw Biggie issue Chichi the exclusive pass that they both paid for.

According to Rachel, Hermes and Chichi collectively lied about who truly deserved the ticket.

In case you missed it, catch the full gist here: Rachel calls Hermes out amid tears over movie date

Since Wednesday’s situation, Rachel has nursed what she insists was Hermes’ intentional attempt to get back at her, a claim Hermes refuses to address.

Meanwhile, with Rachel currently riding solo, Chichi and Phyna have become almost inseparable presumably over Phyna saving her with her veto power rights.

Recall that Phyna saved Chichi from the week’s nomination and replaced her with Allysyn.

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