“Too many fake people” – Iyanya speaks on music industry

Popular Nigerian musician, Iyanya, has claimed that there are lots of fake celebrities in the music industry.

The singer also pointed out that when people use the phrase β€œmy blood,” they should be questioned because a lot of them do not mean it.

He tweeted:

β€œIf anybody calls you β€œmy blood” in this industry, ask him red or white blood lol. Y’all say what you don’t mean. Too many fake people in this game”

Reacting to this, official____dreamchaser wrote:

β€œNo body is ur blood bro….they are only there when is beneficial, so use your head.”

solarlamp_ wrote:

β€œNo be small red or white blood, human being can disappoint you only God is faithful.”

kuswansalome wrote: β€œNa everywhere guy…never get too comfortable with anyone.”

Easi_tinka wrote: β€œIt’s applied to the whole entertainment industry.”

See his post below:

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