Tochi reveals why lady’s suffers in relationships

Tochi, a reality star, believes that women suffering in relationships are often due to their lack of financial resources. He stated that a woman without money would not experience any discomfort in her relationship, and that she may have been suffering before the relationship began. This statement was made on his Instagram page.

Tochi reveals why lady's suffers in relationships

Well-known reality star Tochi claims that a lady lack of money is the reason she is suffering in a relationship.

The fashion model made the claim on his Instagram page, delving into the reasons for women’s unease in partnerships.

Tochi asserts that a lady who is suffering in a relationship would only be doing so because she lacks her own money.

He claimed that a lady who is financially independent won’t have to go through any hardships in her relationship.

The BBNaija star continued by saying that it’s likely that the lady was suffering prior to her relationship with her partner.

Tochi reveals why lady's suffers in relationships

His said:

“if you’re are suffering in a relationship as a babe! is simply because you self don’t have money! because if you have money you wont suffer! even before the relationship you were suffering..”

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Tochi reveals why lady's suffers in relationships

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