Tobi Bakre Reveals Why His Beautiful Daughter Must Become A Nun

Tobi Bakre, a popular reality TV star and actor, has announced that his daughter Kamila must become a nun.

In a recent video published on his social media page, the actor professed his love for his newborn girl and stated that she would not go close to any male.

β€œShe so fine. Any other spec is a specless. This is a spec in the midst of spectators. A spectacular to define a different spec of different spectrum. [sic]

β€œShe is so fine. Honestly, you will become a nun. She is a nun. Which boy? Which man? Make dem rest,” Bakre was heard saying in the viral video.

Gistlover recalls that Tobi and his wife, Anu, welcomed their daughter, Kamila, in September 2023.

The couple got married in 2021, and they welcomed their first son on January 1, 2022.

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