Tinubu Might Become The Next President Of Nigeria (See Why)

Please and please this is not a promotional content, I’m not by any means campaigning for him.
As a matter of fact, if he wins, I’ll leave Nigeria for Rwanda or somewhere else and I’m serious about it.

The 2023 presidential election is 13 months away and some politicians, the likes of Bola Tinubu, Yahaya Bello, and others, are already on the move to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

Campaigns for the 2023 presidential election have now been set in motion. The drumbeat is getting louder.

While political parties are still planning and weighing their options ahead of the elections, campaign posters of Tinubu have started littering the country already.

==Sadly, he might win the election because Nigerians have short memories and easily forget history.

Is this not the same man who promised us heaven on earth if “Baba Go Slow” eventually becomes president in 2015? I’m pretty sure you know who I’m referring to as Baba Go Slow..BUHARI, yes Buahri. Glo network is faster.

Is this not the same man who promised Nigerians constant electricity and fuel if the then president Goodluck Jonathan is removed from office?

Not just that, he said we would be swimming in crude oil. That Bubhari will pay #5000 monthly to the jobless youths.

==What did Buhari do after being voted for? He publicly insulted Nigerian youths on global television. He called us lazy youths..same people he promised to pay #5000 monthly and 3 million jobs yearly.

Okay 7 years gone by, where are we? Are we swimming in the pool of crude oil? Are the jobless youths being paid #5000 monthly?

We are x100 backward and poorer instead

Tinubu might win. Because despite all the atrocities Muhammadu Buhari committed against Nigerians between 1983 to 1985, he was still voted for, not just once but twice.

Tinubu did nothing compared to what Buhari did. What is Jagaban’s crime? Transported money with a bullion van which is normal if you can afford it, and age reduction. Those are the two things Nigerians stood on. Lol

He has already made his intentions known and clear to y’all. He just wanted to fulfil his lifelong ambition which is becoming Nigeria’s president. He doesn’t give a middle finger about the wellbeing of you and I.

See ehn, forget all these online gra gra and rants,

Tinubu Might Become The Next Nigerian’s President
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