Tinubu Has Links To Street Gangs And Drug Cartels – Journalist says

Popular journalist David Hundeyin, is a blessing to us.
Paid urchins from the APC and PDP are reluctant to debate him. Since Peter OBI’s supporters are pressing their attack on Tinubu, he has vowed to unleash the Kraken on Tinubu.

The entire world comes to a complete stop when David writes.

See what he tweeted:-
Lol I’m actually amused. Because all these preemptive attacks on Peter Obi will look so hilarious in a few weeks time.

Imagine people who live inside a raffia house pouring petrol over their next door neighbour’s concrete house.

Well. I guess the outcome will be entertaining..

Another one here:-
Don’t worry, if it’s scandals you’re looking for, scandals dey. Your Bola Ahmed makes Trump look like a virgin choirboy!��

Person wey get link to every criminal organisation you can think of from street gangs in Lagos to American drug cartels to the Lebanese mafia!

Ma wo…

See below:-

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