Timini Egbuson opens up on his journey into acting and first big pay cheque

  • Popular Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson shares his journey into the industry and initial doubts about its financial viability.
  • Despite discouragement, he pursued acting and landed a role in the MTV “Shuga” series, where he received a significant pay cheque that exceeded his expectations.
  • The 36-year-old actor distinguishes himself from his on-screen persona as a “sweet boy,” emphasizing that his bad boy roles are not reflective of his true character.

Popular Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson, has opened up on his journey into the Nigerian film industry and his initial experience with his first significant pay cheque.

In an interview, the actor revealed how he defied conventional wisdom and pursued his passion for acting despite discouragement from those around him.

Timini recounted how many people advised him against venturing into Nollywood, citing a perceived lack of financial reward in the industry.

Timini Egbuson speaks on his on journey into acting and early success
Timini Egbuson.

Despite the warnings, the actor revealed that his determination to pursue his dreams remained steadfast

According to Timini Egbuson, his breakthrough came when he successfully auditioned for a role in the MTV “Shuga” series.

Upon receiving his first substantial pay cheque from the project, Timini Egbuson recounted feeling astounded.

Reflecting on his early success, Timini emphasized his commitment to the craft and his desire to secure more lucrative opportunities in the industry.

He admitted that the misconception about the lack of financial stability in Nollywood had initially deterred him but ultimately fueled his determination to succeed.

During the interview, Timini  Egbuson also revealed a personal detail about his age, disclosing that he is 36 years old.

He further distinguished himself from his on-screen persona by describing himself as a “sweet boy,” noting that the bad boy roles he often portrays in movies are not a reflection of his true character.

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In other news, Renowned Nigerian actor Timini Egbuson proudly declares himself as Africa’s biggest actor.

According to Timini, he has been acting consistently for 15 years and has influenced many upcoming actors.

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