“This Love Dun Pass Friendship” — Reactions as Enioluwa Gifts Priscilla Ojo Paid Trip to Zanzibar for Her Birthday

Enioluwa raises the standard when he gifts his bestie, Priscilla Ojo, an all-expense-paid vacation to Zanzibar, among other pricey presents, for her 23rd birthday.

The two have been open about their relationship for a long time, which has led many to question if there is any romance in the mix.

Only last year, the couple had so many holidays out of the country together that Priscilla had to stress that they were not romantically linked.

Enioluwa planned a big surprise for her birthday this year, adorning the space with lovely balloons and playing music in the background.

He gave her some jewellery, and they staged a proposal as well as a handwritten letter, pledging not to trade what they had for anything else in the world.

Watch the beautiful clip here

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