This Is Why AFCON Is Truly The ‘Smallest Competition’ – See The Blunt Mistake An AFCON Referee Made

Jorgen Klopp’s statement on the African Cup of Nation is so relating and perfect-matching
The Liverpool manager is right about calling the AFCON ‘one small competition’. Make everybody go sit down jare.

I have at least used up to 15 years watching football, I have never for once seen it or hear from history that a match ended before 90 minutes.

If the cause is not weather unbalance, chaos or disaster such as serious injury, no match will be concluded before the 90 minutes.

What I saw yesterday in Tunisia vs Mali game really shocked me. I was devastated and speechless.

A professional referee blew the final whistle at the 85 and 89 minutes of the game.

See The Video

To my understanding, it seems the referee is with a wristwatch that’s not correct. But that’s ridiculous if it’s the case. Wearing a dead watch to an international game is unacceptable.

The officiating of the competition right from the first day are just so so poor. Nothing is working in Africa.

This cup should just end so we fit see front.

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