“This is sweet sixteen”- Actress Monalisa Chinda sweetly celebrates her daughter as she turns a year older

Monalisa Chinda, a proud mother, celebrated her daughter Tamar’s sixteenth birthday on Instagram, expressing her love and affection for her daughter.

In her caption, she wrote, “This is sweet sixteen. and it takes a village. Seeing my baby girl turn 16 is wonderful, frightening, and, frankly, very scary. I hope you know that I will always love you and be here for you, even as you grow into a beautiful, dazzling, intelligent, and unconventional young woman. Happy Birthday to my beautiful Twinny”

GISTLOVER earlier reported that Actress Monalisa Chinda is praising her 15-year-old daughter Tamar.

Monalisa posted pictures of herself and her daughter on her Instagram page to show her delight in her.

She called her daughter a research genius and commended her for her intelligence.

One mother noticed how her daughter constantly astounded her with her brilliant ideas and teased her for being naive.

Above all, her daughter is a child of indigo who is remarkable in all its shades.

“My indigo child….
Research Genius.
“Mum, you seem naive”.
Me: If I hear
Above all she’s all shades of entertainment…
Thanks mama”.

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