“The suffering don reach like this ?” – Nigerian man shows Nigerians ‘way’ as he fries plantain with local charcoal iron

Discussions on social media have been sparked by a Nigerian guy who has resorted to cooking his food with a local charcoal iron.

Just when it seems that all had been observed with a Nigerian lady warming her Okra soup with candles, a video emerged, capturing a man cooking his plantains with his steam iron box.

In the video, sliced plantains that are ready to fry are placed on a dish in front of the man, who is seated on a wooden bench.

In order to ensure his plantains cooked to perfection, he was observed blowing air into his charcoal iron to start a fire.

Check out the video below:

After seeing the video, many social media users flocked to the comment area to express their opinions.

Some reactions are shown below:

kemi_doherty said, “He reminds of brown house 😂😂😂😂 @am_de_bull @t_timedayor”.

mosesdee1 said, “Chai… 😢😢 Really wish there’s a way I can reach out or help this man with little something.. 🤦‍♂️ People are truly going through a whole lot in this life..”

toheeb06 said, “Find him and the other guy holding cup for me”.

olamide_____28 said, “Gas 1500 per kg ilu le 😭😭😂”.

crizztenhope112 said, “1kg for gas is now 1200😢”.

dummy_destiny said, “The suffering don reach like this ?”

sherifflion_40 said, “This one will go well with groceries”.

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