“The rate of Bobrisky’s sisters in this country is alarming” — Crossdresser claims minister gives him N5M for upkeep

Many people are envious of the crossdresser as he exposes how much money he receives from his minister partner to support himself.

He used his TikTok page, @d_jbeauty, to share his good fortune from the connection.


According to him, his friendship with the nameless minister gives him the authority to spend his money with his buddies.

In addition, he earns a whopping N5 million Naira for just his upkeep.

Excitedly, he describes how he is always on the road, enjoying and squandering the minister’s money.

Here are some reactions to the video below.

dukez_n_duchezz said: “When they arrest you, you’ll mention the Minister’s name.”

ewatomiclg opined: “As long as they see bobrisky thriving and winning, they will continue coming out from their hiding and joining the trend. Keep promoting it. Women already have more population than men and now more men are trying to be women. Disaster.”

mr_hyenana said: “I love ur Confidence.. it’s not easy to Display Stupidity my brother”

iamgyc asked: “With this kind Voice.?? Ok.”

iam_bmodel said: “Y’all will think it’s cruise. This may actually be true. The rate of homosexuality in this country is alarming”

Watch the video here

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