The Most Streamed Nigerian Songs Of All Time On Spotify

Spotify streams are a standard of excellence in the Nigerian music industry and only the best have big streams on the platform.
Well, it came to be that way because for a long time Spotify wasn’t available in Nigeria and that meant any artist with big numbers on there was getting it from abroad.

That has since changed since Spotify launched in Nigeria last year. But the streams have only gotten bigger and bigger and huge streams on Spotify are still very much a bragging right for artists.

Now it’s not very easy to amass a lot of streams on any platform, but especially on a platform like Spotify. So it’s important to remember to cut some of these artists some slack.

That said, here’s a list of the most-streamed Nigerian songs on Spotify right now.

  1. Ckay – Love Nwantiti (458M Streams)
    It should come as no shock that CKay is number one on the list with his “Love Nwantiti” monster hit.

It is crazy though just how many streams this song alone has when some albums haven’t even gotten 100M. CKay really got a winner with this one.

  1. Burna Boy – On The Low (152M)
    Burna Boy’s “On The Low” happens to be one of the fastest-growing Afrobeats songs of all time.

A single from his 2019 album, “African Giant,” it’s one of those songs that represents a whole different era in culture. The relevance of this song to Burna’s career even after three years, is mind-blowing.

  1. Burna Boy – Ye (132M)
    This one is from “Outside” and it also represents Burna Boy’s full transition to Afrobeats as an artist.

“Ye” started gaining momentum on Spotify because of Kanye West who happened to release an album of the same name around that time. Everything else pretty much took care of itself.

  1. Wizkid – Come Closer ft Drake (112M)
    Wizkid’s “Sounds From The Other Side” will always be a classic that signifies the shift in the industry from the fast-paced noise to laid-back music.

“Come Closer” is a big hit, and was Wizkid’s first song to hit 100 million on any platform. Today, Wizkid has multiple, on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and whatnot.

  1. Wizkid – Essence ft Tems (105M)
    A much recent one from the Starboy. Wizkid made magic with Tems truly, because “Essence” is a hit like we’ve never seen before.

Nominated for a Grammy, and going Gold in the United States, “Essence” is already a classic.

Honorable Mention: Fireboy DML – Peru ft Ed Sheeran (104M)

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