“The most important thing in my life is gone”

Ese Eriata

Popular reality tv star and Instagram influencer, Ese Eriata has been thrown into mourning as she loses her mother.

Ese Eriata announced the passing of her mother amid tears and regrets via her Snapchat page. The bereaved described her mom as her prayer warrior, counselor, superhero, confident, and much more.

She also painfully described her mom as “the most important thing in her life”.

Ese and mom

She wrote:

“You left me when I needed you the most. My sugar crush why? You broke my heart. RIP,y best friend, my superhero, my motivation, my role model, my counselor, my special adviser, my prayer warrior, You live in me.”

“This life is a reality show; the person you least expect gets evicted *love emoji*”

“It’s hard to say rip to my mum, the most important thing in my life is gone. Who’s going to remind me not to go astray”

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