“The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is jumping out of a plane” – Tems reveals

  • Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Tems shares her most dangerous experience, blaming her uncle for the incident.
  • In an interview with Elle, Tems recounted a nerve-wracking experience of skydiving, requiring her to leap out of a plane.

Tems, a Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, is frank and honest about her most terrifying experience to date, blaming her uncle for it.

In a recent interview with Elle, Tems talked about her terrifying experience skydiving and having to jump off of a plane.

The artist, who is nominated for an Oscar in 2023, called jumping out of the plane the riskiest thing she had ever done.

“What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve every done?” the interviewer asked.

Tems told the story of being forced out of the plane even though she had called it quits while in the sky, without holding back.

“The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is jump out of a plane. I don’t even know how high but I went skydiving once. And I think for a second I was like, ‘Am I dying? I don’t know who sent me to do this. I don’t know why I decided to do this but here I am falling.’

“My uncle convinced me and my cousins to jump. I was like, ‘Wow! So cool. Daredevil.’ And then we got into the plane and I was like I will just stay in the plane and they said I can’t. They pushed us out,” she stated.

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