“The economy is not smiling”

A young lady, identified as @thequeendare, has shared an uplifting experience on social media, disclosing that the company she works for overpaid her January salary.

The joyful lady narrated how her employer went above and beyond to demonstrate empathy towards the staff during these trying times.

According to the lady, the company surprised her and her colleagues with an unexpected bonus, disguised as an overpayment in their monthly salaries.

"The economy is not smiling" - Lady over the moon as company overpays her January salary

The young lady expressed her initial confusion when she noticed the error in her paycheck at the end of the month.

Believing it to be a mistake, she promptly reached out to the company to rectify the situation.

However, to her surprise, the company responded, revealing that the overpayment was intentional and designed as a bonus to alleviate the financial strain caused by the harsh economic conditions prevailing in the country.

In her words;

“Got my salary for the month and I was overpaid. I instantly texted because I was certain they made an error but turns out it was a bonus to cushion the effects of the harsh economy.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Ifychuwkz said; “I don’t pray to be in the labour market for long but this is the kind of company I pray for.”

@IfeomaAmadi3 said; “One question please. Is the company you work with in Nigeria?”

@dannyswagg_ reacted; “Your company might not employ me, but you can. I’m a professional please take me.”

@tobsann said; “I wish this could be done at my workplace, they would rather deduct your salary than give a bonus.”

@deria commented; “Drop your employer (company) name and email address make I appreciate them on your behalf with my CV.”

@tamilah_o said; “And some of us are still waiting for January salary.”

@coco_stitches said_; “I felt this, we were paid extra 7500 as junior staff for fuel reimbursement. Me wey dey trek go work.”

@leafletii reacted; “I increased my girls salary even though na by five k. I try to make it easy for them. Country don really hard.

@senno_rita said; “It’s because your work place understand the effect of this economy on your income and how it’s going to affect your spending and savings, some companies know yet they act like everything is fine in the country. You work in a good place, and it’s a commendable act from them.”

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