“The Best Skin Care Routine Ever Is to Leave Nigeria” – Nigerian Man in Diaspora Shares His Before and After Photos

A Nigerian guy in the diaspora has gone online to post his before and after pictures, leaving netizens astounded at the transformation in his skin complexion.

On Twitter (X), the individual known as @steezy10 sent a tweet with a photo of himself in Nigeria and another one of himself overseas.

He Tweet,

“Leaving Nigeria is the best skin care routine ever, don’t waste money on skin care products that will damage your skin just Japa.”

In his tweet, he noted that leaving his home country is the ultimate skin care routine because of the radical transformation in his appearance. The previous picture portrayed him as a dark-skinned man while he appeared as light skinned in his oversea abroad.

He advised fellow Nigerians not to lavish their money on skin care products instead opt to relocate abroad.

Reactions have trailed online after the Nigerian man shared the radical transformation in his complexion.

Reacting to the post;

@lelnyaq You’ll be surprised some people skin look better in Africa than abroad. Different skin for different climate regardless the skin color

@oluwakemi. _o Why the shape of d head changes as well be like say abroad dey remould head.

@queentora_ The first person to travel and tell us the truth Others are always discouraging us and still refuse to come back.

@iyanshawty Funny how girls travel out and their skin starts reacting badly

Men are really blessed with good skin (I am not saying some women are not blessed with good skin, but more men than women

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