‘The A-Team’ star Jack Ging dead at 90

Jack Ging, a “classic all-purpose actor” who appeared on TV classics such as “The A-Team” and “Hawaii Five-O,” has died at 90.

The veteran character performer passed away from natural causes at his home in California on Friday, his wife, Apache, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Ging — who was born and raised in Oklahoma in the 1960s — kickstarted his acting career in the 1950s western series “Mackenzie’s Raiders.”

He went on to score small roles in classic shows such as “Perry Mason,” “Dr. Kildare,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Starsky & Hutch,” “Little House on the Prairie” and “Hart to Hart,” before appearing as Gen. Harlan “Bull” Fulbright opposite Mr. T in “The A-Team” during the mid-1980s.

The star — who often played tough-talking action heroes — also had film success, appearing on the big screen opposite Clint Eastwood in “Play Misty For Me,” “Hang ‘Em High,” and “High Plains Drifter.”

Ging is pictured in a 1980 episode of "Hart to Hart." He was a fixture on primetime action TV shows during the '70s, '80s and '90s.
Ging is pictured in a 198 episode of “Hart to Hart.” He was a fixture on primetime action TV shows during the ’7s, ’8s and ’9s.
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“Deep-voiced and square-featured, Jack Ging fell somewhere between leading man, bad guy, and character actor,” one fan posted in a Twitter tribute after his passing was announced Monday. “A classic all-purpose actor.”

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