“The 3 tribes in Nigeria are Yoruba, Igbo and Benin” – Davido educates Kai Cenat on Nigerian culture


Popular artist Davido teaches American streamer Kai Cenat about Nigerian culture while they hang out together.

Since his arrival in Lagos a few days ago, the two have been travelling the city together.

A new video shows Davido giving the YouTuber a crash lesson in Nigerian culture.

He informed him that Nigeria has three tribes, one of which is Yoruba, from which his family came from.

He told Kai Cenat that his mother is from Benin, Edo state, and that there is an Igbo tribe that his wife came from.

This irritated many netizens, who rushed to social media to inquire if he had forgotten about other tribes.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the post;

@joanjamesugarb said: “Those are the three major tribes in 24 Nigeria but next time include lsoko and urhobo”

@stgetrich said: “3 tribes? Tf is wrong with this guy?”

@bad.boy.homie said: “3 major tribe in Nigeria. Benin, Yoruba and Igbo the rest na community”

@shantelbaby_ said: “The rest nah tribe of Judah”

@maxelahgain said: “As far he add Edo no wan”

@blkgirl07 said: “Really so the remaining over 200 tribes”

@djmagicbeatz said: “I’m tired of seeing this guy”

@samutokawazaki said: “Of course he meant 3 major tribes… but got distracted talking about his mom’s tribe and didn’t finish before.”

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