Tennis champion Tanya Okpala spotted homeless in the streets

A Nigerian tennis champion Tanya Okpala, who represented the country in the 1990s, stirs sympathy online as she’s spotted homeless, roaming the streets of Awka.

The Nigerian half caste had contested for her country in the 90’s female tennis sports competition.

Tanya Okpala tennis champion homeless
Tanya Okpala.

It came as a shock for fans and Nigerians in general to see her roaming the streets.

A fellow who spotted her in the street interviewed her and she rambled on about how she had been rejected by the society who leer at her for being a half-caste.

She had also resorted to begging for alms for people as she could be heard soliciting money to get herself a bottle of water.

chonsautos said: “They prefer donating money to riffraffs than actually giving it to the people that genuinely needs help , such a shame , emotionally blinded people”

rolaybondo remarked: “And she is so well spoken 😢”

ebubecally shared: “Omo I used to see this woman in my area at isuaniocha Awka Anambra State, I used to give her tips not knowing she is an athlete”

useful4ever commented: “No wonder we ain’t getting it right if our heroes can be like this , sorry the curse on naija heavy, these are the people that needs gofund me 😢😢😢”

unicalstudents remarked: “Nigeria doesn’t recognize their heros”

djhandsomemix penned: “Now you must know the reason many young Generation chose to represent other nations in sports 😭🤦🏾 what a Nation called Nigeria 🇳🇬”

Watch video below …

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