Teephlow is pained & jealous of me -Medikal

AMG rapper Medikal has taken a swipe again at his colleague rapper Teephlow in a recent interview.

The ‘La Hustle’ hitmaker in an interview on YFM stated that he was initially very disappointed with Teephlow’s tweets because they had a good relationship.

He also added that teephlow attacked him just for clout and it is pathetic how he ruined their friendship.

According to Medikal, Teephlow is just pained, envious and jealous of his career and his wealth.

“I was very disappointed with Teephlow’s comment because we had a very healthy relationship.

I know he did all that for attention but its pathetic and sad how people will ruin years of friendship just for a 24-hour trend.

I feel Teephlow is pained, jealous and envious of me for saying I am not making my money from music”, Medikal added.

Teephlow and Medikal were recently on each other’s throat over who is the best rapper and also threw jabs at each other.

The Fanti rapper in a recent interview described medikal as a lazy rapper and added that the AMG rapper’s wealth is not from music.

Teephlow also dared Medikal to show the stats of his organic streams to prove that his wealth is from music.

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