Taunts as Nigerians dig out several photos of influencer, Maliya posing in one wig

Influencers, Maliya and Lydia Balogun undoubtedly triggered the wrath of netizens due to their statements during a recent podcast.

Maliya and Lydia while discussing with Caramel Plugg jointly affirmed that a man who sends them N5K or N10K shouldn’t expect appreciation as the money isn’t worth it.

They also made comments about DJ Cuppy whom they described as a billionaire’s daughter who wears rough synthetic hairs.

These and more statements from the duo subsequently got netizens triggered as they trooped to their Instagram pages to bash the ladies.

At the time of documenting this report, Lydia Balogun has no post on her Instagram page thereby leaving netizens with no other option than to channel their fury on Maliya.

Maliya for some days now has been entertaining intense backlashes with the most recent of them all being a TikTok user who visited her page and compiled several photos of the Lagos Big Girl posing in one pink wig (some referred to as synthetic).

Watch the compilation below:

The video however sparked a lot of taunts from netizens who seized the opportunity to throw more jabs at Maliya.

See screenshots below:

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