“Talkative, take his name Femi back”- Reactions as Kai Cenat reveals how Nigeria’s jollof tastes like

Kai Cenat, a popular American YouTube streamer, has stated why he didn’t love Nigerian jollof as much. He said the dinner was too hot for him.

He remarked that his taste buds had not developed to the point where he could consume such hot foods.

The superstar is now in Ghana, enjoying a nice time after spending a few days in Nigeria.

Following Kai’s comments regarding Nigerian jollof rice, other netizens voiced their perspectives.

Some individuals complained that the streamer spoke too much, while others just stated that it was the Yorubas who cooked the jollof with too much spice.

Watch the video of Kai’s comment about Nigerian jollof rice being overly hot below.

Some social media users have reacted to Kai Cenat’s opinion about Nigerian jollof. See some of the reactions below:

@kreemz_is_the_real_deal: “Femi Omo weray You didn’t talk about Ghana Gollof why?”

@sammy_kahlani: “This guy nah mad man, follow his mouth at your risk.”

@__reina_doll: “Talkative.”

@bigg__sly_: “Make this guy rest, he talks too much.”

@jaytunezaj: “Take his name Femi back.”

@chief_enex: “Kai na Yoruba jollof dem give my guy.”

@the_real_tobe_official: “He tasted Ghana jollof with a very fine girl and he tasted Naija own with my guy Shanks. You do the calculations, which one suppose sweet pass?”

@don_chris_king: “Na Yoruba Jollof rice dem give am. For food matter, dem be zero percent.”

@_chrizdior: “If he says Nigerian jollof is too spicy for him, it doesn’t mean the food was bad. Some people don’t just like spicy food and it’s obvious the chef didn’t know about it.”

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