Tacha reacts to news of creating GoFundMe to seek funds

Reality TV Star, Tacha Akide responds to allegations of her creating a GoFundMe account to beg for funds online.

The radio personality had her history revisited after claiming MumZee was begging to get donations from internet users.

“The GoFundMe was created by my fans in my absence” — Tacha says as she claps back at trolls
Media personality, Tacha.

Netizens were quick to remind her of her past where she solicited for funds after her disqualification from the BBN house and her constant begging on the streets of Instagram.

She wrote back in defense;

“If you like fake screenshots!! if you like post a GoFund my fans created in my absence!! iF you like post videos i posted myself like it’s a discovery (when your mates dey discover electricity)😂🤣

This BAHDIE Don’t CARE!! This is 2024!!! you go low!! I Drill for crude!!
Go AND meet your mummy and daddy to do bigger person with you!! Siaaa”

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“The GoFundMe was created by my fans in my absence” — Tacha says as she claps back at trolls

Some reactions to the post below

@Ashabul_Jannaah said: “If you don’t care, you will not make this post; you’ll handle the dragging in silence. SHUT UP! 🤫 The only thing you are good at Tacha or whatever your name is, is disgracing your family on social media. This is 2024, and you need to do better”

@don_marrtyynz wrote: “Trying to banter Tacha in 2024 has to be the lowest of the lowest
Someone that has been there and back. Y’all need to come up with something else.”

@Nwafresh stated: “GoFund my fans created in my absence”.. This is a political type of lie.. Tacha don too follow politicians.. Kai”

@ugo_himself added: “You are pushing 50 but all you can boast of is being a banger girl and apply deodorant to stay relevant in the society”

@FearGod10001 advised: “Try to treat your body odour in 2024. That’s my little advice for you.”

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