Sylvester Roy Mphephu on the run after beating his 28-year-old girlfriend, Palesa Matlamela, to death

Information reaching has it that a South African man, Sylvester Roy Mphephu, is on the run after beating his 28-year-old girlfriend, Palesa, to death.ย 

According to information, Sylvester Roy Mphephu, beat his girlfriend to death and dumped her body at Edenvale hospital.ย 

The whereabouts of Sylvester Roy Mphephu is still unknown as police are in search for him. South African women are demanding justice for Palesa on social media.ย 

โ€œMy daughter was a bubbly girl. Everybody knew her smile, her bubbliness. Even at the church and in the family, she never had a fight,โ€ says Palesa Matlamelaโ€™s mother, Eunice.ย 

Information reads: “Be on the Lookout of Sylvester Roy Mphephu. He’s wanted in connection to the murder of Palesa .

According to the Reports a 28 years old Palesa ๐—๐–บ๐—Œ brutally ๐–ป๐–พ๐–บ๐—๐–พ๐—‡ earlier today allegedly by her boyfriend, he then proceeded on droppingย her ๐–บ๐— ๐–ค๐–ฝ๐–พ๐—‡๐—๐–บ๐—…๐–พ ๐–ง๐—ˆ๐—Œ๐—‰๐—‚๐—๐–บ๐—… where she was later succumbed to her injuries.

“Roy Mphephu is wanted for the murder of Palesa if you see him please contact your nearest Police Station.”

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