“Stop policing women’s wombs” — Lydia Forson fumes following advice to have a child

Famous Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, loses her cool following advice from a fan on the need to get pregnant and have at least a child of her own.

Lydia Forson

The actress took to her Twitter page to share a message received from a fan who claimed to love her so much enough to leave her advice to have a child.

“Lady Lydia. I’m a huge fun of you. In fact I love you. Please I’m not in your dm to stress you. You are a woman of substance and I would love to see you have at least a child to carry on your legacy. You can decide not to marry, but please give the world at least one child. Please. I love you. Please take care,” the fan wrote.

In reply to the message, Lydia Forson reposted the snapshot on her page with a warning to desist from advising women on when to have babies.

“I’m only sharing this here so people who send/say this daily understand that this is NOT love.

Love will have the emotional intelligence to know that babies are NOT bought on Amazon; nor do they guarantee your legacy lives on.

Stop policing women’s wombs. ✋🏾,” she wrote.

"Stop policing women’s wombs" — Lydia Forson fumes following advice to have a child

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