Stevo Simple Boy returns to Kibera after being kicked out of Buruburu house

Stevo Simple Boy, who used to stay in Buruburu after Mumias East MP Peter Salasya paid his rent, has slipped back into poverty and returned to his abode in Kibera slums.

The rapper’s manager Chingi Boy said that Simple Boy’s own siblings kicked him out of his Buruburu house and took over.

“His family is fighting me, and I was only trying to help their boy. Now, they have returned him to Kibra. Stivo is not talking, just smiling,” Chingi said during an interview with a local outlet.

Chingi further explained that Salasya paid Stivo’s rent and deposit and that he was the one who has been paying the house.

“He was removed from the house, and his brother is the one living there, yet I am the one paying,” he said.

Adding that; “I was the one who took him to Buruburu. After connecting him with Salasya, I advised him not to give him money but to buy the house items and give them to him. Salasya only paid the deposit and rent.”

Chingi stated that he had already alerted the caretaker to give Stivo’s brother vacation notice.

He nonetheless noted that he was no longer going to manage Simple Boy.

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