“So this is love?” – Video of man feeding wife with water from his mouth gets tongues wagging

A viral video has captured the moment a young couple publicly displayed their affection for each other.

In the video, the couple was first seen in an occasion dancing energetically to the music playing in the background.

Surprisingly, the young man drank from a cup and from his mouth, he poured some drink into his womanโ€™s mouth.

Netizens have reacted massively to the video, with some reiterating how irritating the gesture was.

@cheriflexy said: โ€œOmo I want to be like this diamond baby mama. She dey change men like water if you fuck up she deleted immediately and go for the next make I get money first men go so far for my handโ€.

@nnenna_blinks_ wrote: โ€œI love PDA but not this type indoors yes, Outdoors just get a room.โ€

@endlight1: โ€œThis post is not for single girls like me. Make I was jeje o.โ€

@__________ruthiana commented: โ€œNothing is romantic here ๐Ÿคฎ.โ€

@ordeenakah_ said: โ€œI think they should view the secret Instagram for single people. Any love/couple content will lead to disablement of the accountโ€.

Watch the video below:

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