Smoking Wee is everything in my life – King Ayisoba

Ghanaian veteran musician King Ayisoba has revealed that he started smoking and taking in marijuana at a tender age of six.

According to the musician, taking marijuana also known as wee has been part of his life since age six.

He went on to say that he is surprise people get mad and other complications because after all these years of taking the hard substance he is yet to face any of these problems.

The King of Kolongo music believes his blood is compatible with wee-and it has been a constant substance that he uses.

King Ayisoba disclosed that alcohol is not his favourite as marijuana.

He explained that he only takes drinks with a small percentage of alcohol but weed, on the other hand, is his everything.

He, however, advised people to stop consuming it if it is not compatible with their blood.

He disputed that alcohol, most especially; ‘akpeteshie’ – a local alcoholic drink – has negative health implications more than wee.

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