Single mother who works as maid reveals how she miraculously met her wealthy husband

A lady has revealed on Twitter, how she met her husband, who initially mistook her for her rich woman, not knowing she was only a maid.

As seen on Twitter, she revealed that she was a single mother working in a hotel as a maid at the time. One day, she jokingly tried on a client’s Dolce and Gabbana coat.

While rocking the guest’s coat, she bumped into a high-profile politician, who mistook her for a rich woman and was completely taken aback by her.

He later discovered she was only a main but ended up marrying her.

She wrote:

β€œI was a single mother working in a hotel as a maid, I jokingly tried on a Dolce and Gabbana coat that belonged to a guest then I bumped into a high-profile politician and he was completely smitten thinking I was rich. He later found out I was just a maid and married me anyway.”

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