“Sijawahiota Na Yeye” Manzi Wa Meru Wants Brian Chira’s Ghost To Visit Him

TikToker Jude Magambo, who is popularly known as Manzi wa Meru, has opened up on the close relationship he  shared with the late TikTok sensation Brian Chira.

According to him, Chira shared a lot of his problems with him and sometimes he admitted that some people were using him in the name of trying to help him.

Manzi wa Meru says that Chira trusted him to a point that he would even sent him his rent so that he could not use it on the heavy responsibilities that had been bestowed upon him including paying of his cousins’ school fees and taking care of his grandma.

He added that he would soon pay a visit to Chira’s grave to just tell him how much he misses him.

“Actually am planning to go and visit the burial site and say hae to him. I know he wouldn’t  answer but I will talk to him for 5 minutes and tell him something. I want to tell him I miss him,” he said.

Manzi wa Meru further said that he would also wish Chira to visit him in his dreams.

“I would want him to come to my dream. I would wish Chira to come to my dream because tangu azikwe sijawahi ota na yeye,” he said.

He said that he faced a lot of criticism after getting Chira’s tattoo on his back with some saying he was not normal to connect himself with someone who was dead.

“Chira amekufa lakiniChira is living in me,” he said.

Magambo said that he wouldn’t be scared if Chira re-appeared as he would run to him and hug him tightly.

“I always wish Chira’s ghost to come and tell me something. I would want to dream with Chira,” he said.

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