“Shetani Mdogo!” Beef Escalates As Prince Mwiti And Pastor Kanyari Fight Gets Ugly

Controversial Pastor Kanyari aks TikTok star Prince Mwiti to worship him and he’ll gift him with a four million car.

Pastor Kanyari joined TikTok recently, and his decision has attracted criticism from some users.

One of those critics is popular TikToker Prince Mwiti. A video of Pastor Kanyari angrily addressing Prince Mwiti is now trending online.

In the video, Pastor Kanyari is visibly angry as he shuns Prince Mwiti for falsely accusing him. Kanyari claims that Mwiti accused him of stealing people’s “stars” on TikTok. However, Kanyari denies these accusations.

Kanyari tells Mwiti to ask his parents who he (Kanyari) is because he is very famous. He says Mwiti has no stars for him to steal since Mwiti doesn’t even own a car. Kanyari proclaims that he is blessed with great wealth that will never end.

The pastor offers to give Mwiti advice since he believes Mwiti has money problems. He tells Mwiti to come see him accompanied by his girlfriend or boyfriend so they can eat for free since Kanyari has plenty of money.

Kanyari asks Mwiti to seek his forgiveness for the false accusations against him. He presents himself as far wealthier and more famous than the TikToker Mwiti.

This very public fight escalates the beef between the two popular online personalities. With Kanyari bragging his wealth and fame over Mwiti, he comes across as deeply offended by Mwiti’s criticism of his joining TikTok.

Prince Mwiti has responded to Kanyari calling him a con, small satan and fake pastor.

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