“She was ridiculed over landed property 2 years ago”

A Nigerian man, Ezeh Chukwuebuka Ebenezar, has celebrated buying not just one but two plots of land for his mother, following an incident where she was ridiculed over a piece of landed property two years ago.

The joyous moment was shared on Facebook on Thursday, February 1, accompanied by a touching video of his mother embracing him with gratitude.

The man took to social media to share the heartwarming news and reflected on an incident from two years ago when his mother faced ridicule from a man over a piece of landed property.

"She was ridiculed over landed property 2 years ago" - Man works hard, buys his mother expensive land after 2 years

In his post, Ebenezar recounted the hurtful words his mother endured, with the man questioning her ability to purchase land when it was more affordable, let alone in the current real estate market where prices have surged into the millions.

According to Ebenezar, he comforted his mother at the time, promising to purchase a property for her in the future.

“Two years ago someone insulted my mom over landed property,” he wrote.

Ebenezer added;

If you could not buy a land when It’s sold for hundreds of naira,is it now that lands are sold in millions that you will buy”.

“My mom started crying and called me one early morning to tell me about it … “I told her not to worry that I will buy from the most expensive part of the town for her.

“My mom is not just a landlady now ..but a double landlady. “She got a surprise yesterday from me.”

Netizens Reactions..

Obianuju Anyanwu said; “More blessings to you sir for putting this kind of smiles on your mother’s face. I love to see when men take good care of their mothers and I see you’re a true example of that. May your blessings know no bound in life and may you flourish like a palm tree Amen.”

Ezeh Victor Chizurum said; “You did well my brother, congratulations to you.”

Nwachukwu Dymphina Ezinne said; “I don’t know why I cried when they laughed. “Her smile is so contagious and she’s so adorable. “Congratulations to mommy and thank you too for being an amazing son Ezeh Chukwuebuka Ebenezer.”

Barr Ikenna Leads Transformation said; “Your mum looks like a woman of God..?..who kept her self for JESUS.???God bless her.”

Edwina AdannayaOgu Mgbeoduru said; “To God alone be all the glory forever. “Congratulations to your mum.”

Moses Anozie said; “This is the beginning. Soon you will gift them cars and take them abroad. No man shall dim the brightness of your LIGHT.”

Onyelike Darlington said; “Congratulations my son. “You already have my blessing. Your mom and your dad are good people. I will visit them soon.” 

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