“She cooks, cleans for me”- Pregnant lady thrilled as mother-in-law pampers her

A kind mother-in-law who pampers her daughter-in-law has received appreciation on social media.

The mom was spotted painstakingly preparing her daughter-in-law’s hair while eating.

The pregnant woman said in the video that she is being treated well because of her pregnancy.

She stated her mother-in-law cleans the house and washes her clothing.

The video is captioned: “When your mother-in-law gives you the most special treat when you are carrying her granddaughter.

She cooks, cleans, and many others. She doesn’t want to me touch a thing, lol.”

Many TikTok users admired the relationship between the two women and asked other mother-in-laws to emulate it. The video was shared by @thejetschannel.

Reactions as woman takes care of her daughter-in-law

@Kamsi said: “My own is just to be praying for me to die. You’re blessed, dear.”

@Karma said: “Mine and her daughters all don’t like me at all.”

@charisma love 2 remarked: “I wish my mother-in-law was alive. I know she will do more.”

@Alabasta1 said: “My masquerade mother-in-law should come and see.”

@Ur_boyfriend_ex said: “Naso all those mother inlaw dey do ooo. Once you give birth, they will show you their real colour.”

@Mama j asked: “Where una dey see this kind better mother-in-law?”

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