Seven kidnappers arrested after tattooing pen!ses on the face of a mentally challenged man

Spanish police have arrested seven people accused of torturing a mentally disabled man by gluing his lips together and forcing him to go to the supermarket dressed as a woman.

The man who had learning disabilities offered strangers cash online to give him an extreme makeover.

The four women and three men after kidnapping him allegedly made him walk round a Majorca supermarket dressed like a woman, tattooed penises on his face, superglued his lips together, sewed his toes together and shaved his eyebrows off.

Police say he was also made to walk on top of drawing pins during a three-day ordeal.

Seven kidnappers arrested after tattooing pen!ses on the face of a mentally challenged man, forcing him to go to supermarket dressed as a woman & gluing his lips together

He escaped after being allowed to go to a cashpoint so he could pay his alleged kidnappers as had been agreed.

The victim, who also suffered from mobility problems, has reportedly received death threats since going to police.

Sources said on Tuesday, March 9, that the victim appeared to have organised an online contest based around a sexual role-play game in which he would pay punters to help him change his appearance using transvestism and light BDSM.

Local reports said he even made selected candidates sign a contract titled ‘Change of Look.’

He then raised the alarm after the sadomasochism he was subjected to went too far.

The group chosen to act out his apparent fantasies went to the property in Manacor after meeting up in a city centre square in the Majorcan capital Palma called Plaza de Espana.

The victim who isn’t named by police due to his condition, is in his 30s.

In a video police have confiscated, the victim is seen staring into the camera while tied to a chair and saying: “This is the challenge. I have to untie myself in a minute. If not my eyebrows are going to get shaved off.”

The three men and four women are aged between 20 and 30 and were arrested over the alleged torture session.

The mother of one of the suspects has also been questioned because the alleged torture session took place at her home. She remains under investigation but was not among the seven detainees.

Alejandro Becerra, a spokesman for Spain’s National Police in Majorca, said: ‘It’s a very unsavoury case.

‘Everything seems to have started with the alleged victim organising an online contest to change his look.

‘Different people join the contest and a group ends up being created.

‘An agreement was in place based around a series of tests that were scored with points for the candidates that had been selected where the tests were passed and a punishment for the organiser where he failed.

‘The contest appears to have become more and more extreme and nobody was capable of stopping it.’

He added: ‘We have taken a statement from the victim and what he’s said is that he made it clear ahead of the contest he didn’t want extreme violence or sex.

‘The effects of the treatment meted out to him are serious because he’ll have to have treatment to remove the tattoos for example.’

The accused face charges of wounding and unlawful detention.

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