Send all your siblings away

An evangelist, Gosple Agochukwu, has advised newly married couples not to allow their family members live with them.

According to him, marriages usually fall apart as a result of couples letting their siblings live with them in their matrimonial home.

He wrote:

β€œSEND ALL YOUR SIBBLINGS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE IF YOUR MARRIAGE IS NOT UPTO 5 YEARS. If your marriage is not upto 7 Years old and you have family members or friends living with you send them away immediately.

β€œMajority of people in your house is the chief sponsor of issue between you and your wife.

β€œCourtship/ Dating season is not enough for compatibility test but first 5-7 Years of staying married together. First 7 Years is the year of test running before perfection.

β€œStop wondering how people knew you quarreled with your wife. Some people living with you tell outsiders not for intention to break your home but out of emotional sympathy for their brother or sister or friend. That is you dont complain but they complain on your behalf.

There are things you can tolerate the person living with you cannot tolerate on your behalf meanwhile you are the one married and he/she is single. Send them away and help them from afar’. You are not oxygen, the people you think cant survive without you can actually do.

Sending people out helps them discover hidden potentials. Gen 2:24 ” a man shall leave his Father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall be one.”

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