Ruth Kadiri Celebrates Dike Miracle Chidi on His First Ever Car

Ruth Kadiri, a famous actress, celebrates her younger colleague, Dike Miracle Chidi, as he purchases his first ever car at age just 22.

The actress announced car purchase in an Instagram post, expressing her pride in him.

She stated that the aspiring film star has made her and everyone around him extremely happy.

Ruth Kadiri marvelled at how, at the age of 22, he had legally purchased his first automobile.

A video attached to the post depicts the moment the new Mercedes SUV was brought for him.

Her Instagram post read …

“Congratulations, such a proud moment!!! @chididikee at 22 you own your own car LEGALLY!!! Amongst other things I cannot mention… No words! You’ve made everyone around you proud!!!! This is the beginning of greater things for you! You will go places! Where others a sitting you will be standing and where they are standing you will be outstanding!!!! God bless your parents, Appreciation to every producer out there who has contributed to your growth through in this industry

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