Ronaldo Reveals Why Messi & Others Are Better Players

Brazilian legend, Ronaldo, has revealed why the current generation of players are better than their own generation of football stars.
Ronaldo, a former Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan star, dished out praise to a range of modern strikers, saying that players these days are more disciplined off the pitch than they were around 20 years ago.

β€œ[Lionel] Messi is extraordinary, a powerful and technical player”, Ronaldo told Bobo TV via Football Italia

β€œHe [Messi] wants to score in every game. Neymar is another top player.”

Speaking further, Ronaldo said,

β€œI hope he [Neymar] can win something with Brazil, but he’s been criticised back home because of his private life.

β€œNevertheless, this generation of footballers is better than us off the pitch. They eat well and sleep a lot.

β€œFor us, it was the opposite, not to mention the number of women we had. Just think about having the same mentality….”

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