Richman post him pikin, poor people dey advice am- Reactions as Cubana Chiefpriest’s Son Grabs Dad’s Food After Finishing His

Social media users are talking about Pascal Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chiefpriest, and Obinna, one of his kids.

It all began when the well-known barman uploaded a video of his young kid attempting to take food off of his plate.

Obinna was seen cleaning his rice dish while reclining on the floor in the footage. Not too long after he was done eating, he went to his father’s plate.

Cubana Chiefpriest and his spouse warned their son while conversing in the background.

The young child was adamant, though, and his father caved up and told him to take a spoonful of rice off his plate.

The little boy made good use of the opportunity by filling up his spoon with his father’s rice, and Chiefpriest could not hide his amusement. In the caption of the video, he called Obinna a foodie.

He wrote: “My Son Obinna❣️ Foodie Of Life, Dude Is A ProMax Version Of His Daddy. Biggie Daddy’s Bestie. Blessings Money Can Never Buy.”

The video of Cubana Chiefpriest and his son, Obinna, soon drew the attention of many netizens. Many of them shared their thoughts on the video. Read some of their comments below:

mallam.faiz: “I for advice you MEDICALLY but who Are Me? Who I are to advise a billionaire.”

princessdaizy: “Coming from a place of love , no hate my brother but this boy is at risk of heart disease and diabetes, he is even struggling to breathe, if you love your son, help him now with a healthy food and portion control and let him actively engage in sports, UDO!”

skolastica9′: “He is getting obese. Pls watch the quantity of food he eats. This isn’t healthy at all.”

saul.colley: “Trust me you are not helping his health better to start helping him now.”

havens_signature: “Richman post him pikin, poor people dey advice am. As if you people opinions matter.”

fabmannies: “You seem to have money, engage a dietitian, get a meal plan, get a private chef to make healthier options for you all. Hire a personal trainer. Health is wealth. There are preventable health problems that even your money can’t solve.”

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