#RHOLagos!! Caroline Hutchings Is A Big Liar – She Lied Against Laura, Chioma

Season one of the Real Housewives of Lagos reality TV show has come and gone, with a lot of tea spilled, backbiting, and falsehoods.
Laura Ikeji, an Instagram influencer and author, and Caroline Hutchings, formerly known as Caroline Danjuma, had a significant fight.

Caroline claimed that Laura, who is happily married with children, engaged in prostitution during their furious confrontation.

Caroline claimed Laura had been pimped for a Nigerian governor, which Laura got Laura angry.

Laura Ikeji, on the other hand, disputed it, calling Caroline a liar.

After another fight between Caroline and Chioma (another cast member), Caro, as she’s fondly called, accused Chioma of saying things behind the other women’s backs.

Caro lies a lot, and her labeling Laura a runs girl was all lies from the bottom of hell, as she gets dirty and defames people whenever she disputes with them, according to Chioma and Iyabo Ojo (another cast member of the program).

Chioma and Iyabo made this shocking revelation during a podcast session with Tina and OG of The Real Housewives of Lagos After party Podcast. They both set the records straight and revealed that Caroline fought with everyone on set during the shooting of the show, both cast and crew members.

Basically, they both revealed that Caroline is a big fat liar and lies a lot (I guess we saw some of that ourselves).

What would you do if someone lies against you like this? – LET’S TALK
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