Residents receive one carton of noodles each from politicians in Kaduna (Video)

A video circulating on social media captures residents of Kaduna receiving one carton of Indomie noodles from politicians contesting for an office.

Kaduna residents indomie noodles politicians aspirants It was a joyful moment for the locals who had gathered at an open field under the scorching sun to receive the packages from the political candidates.

They could each be seen carrying their own carton of noodles as they were addressed.

Watch the video below:

The video stirred divergent views from netizens; some opined that politicians are exploiting the ignorance and poverty of the residents:

ezeqwesiri observed: β€œThese politicians weaponize poverty and ignorance; Nigeria has like 609 years to get better!”

omahfitness wrote: β€œIt’s the cheap cheap things they get in exchange for votes for me sha. They don’t even rate them at all”

theedebonair wrote: β€œ1 week noodles for 8years of suffering..”

wendy_adamma wrote: β€œSha collect and vote for the right person”

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