Rema breaks silence on allegations of being a satanist

  • Rema has explained the rationale behind his grand entrance and performance at his latest concert.
  • Many of his fans has been left worried and lamented that the performance was traumatizing and satanic.
  • Rema who hails from Edo state in response stated that his outfit was only to promote his culture.

Popular Nigerian musician, Divine Ikubor, popularly called Rema has finally broken his silence after attendees of his latest concert at O2 Arena, London pointed accusing fingers at him.

Many of his attendees as well as netizens who watched the energetic performance online claimed Rema has started worshiping the devil. While some called him a satanist, others referred to him as a member of Illuminati.

This is majorly because of the mask the singer covered his face with, the bat, burning skeleton and mystical horse with red eyes among other things.

A well-informed fan from Benin City has defended Rema, claiming the mask was that of Queen Idia, a National hero of the Benin Kingdom.

Responding to the accusations flying around, Rema spoke about the mask. According to him, it is a remake of the bronze of his ancestors, some of which are still present in the London museum.

In doing so, Rema believes he has redefined Edo state and put it on the global map.

In his words;

“RAVAGE UPRISING/ My Ancestors bronzes sit in the museum of this very city so I remade mine. Hence, Edo is redefined, the map reshaped, your minds awakened & the mask reborn. Thank you London! 🦇🇬🇧

hitztv reported that while Rema’s concert is no doubt a milestone in his career, the singer sparked a wave of controversy alongside the celebration. A large number of fans had a great time, but some left feeling uneasy and disturbed.

A fan’s response became particularly notable after she shared her traumatic experience on TikTok. Her video, which quickly spread online, details her distress caused by what she perceived as “Satanist and devilish symbols” at the concert. This fan’s discomfort was so acute that she had to leave early, citing an overwhelming and unsettling energy at the venue.

Other attendees echoed similar sentiments post-concert, describing elements they found “bizarre” and “weird,” including the use of imagery some interpreted as evil or Satanic.

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